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KreemaCraft Network: the largest City server network

Builders in Mind

As a creativity-focused city server, we dedicate our resources and effort to the creation of a builder-friendly server. We encourage world-wide creators to join us, as suggested by the literally meaning of "Kreema" (our network name) in Esperanto ("Creative"). 

Community Driven

Not only do we provide space for builders, we also play a huge part on building up the community. In the groups we share building skills and provide suggestions on others' so we can all grow and improve together.

Unlimited Exploration

With a large number of city projects along with vast size of developed space, there is always plenty of place to visit. Take a train or walk around on foot and you'll always see something new. There's always a reason to keep exploring.

Server IP: mc1.err404notfound.xyz (Version: 1.19.4). 

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#teamKCN, the backbone of the Network

The awesomeness of KCN is not just the effort of one person but the joint effort of the great #teamKCN who bought the unreal dream into a reality. Back then we founded KCN to pursue our dream of constructing a metropolis as Hong Kong Minecraft community is diminishing. Why not click the button below and learn more about the people behind.

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New Millennium City: the largest city project

Having a history of 3 years, New Millennium City is by far the largest and oldest city project in entire KCN. With three years of experience, it has developed the best buildings and the largest group of diverse building types ideal for newbies and experienced ones to come and visit. It is also the best place for experienced developers to share their skills.

Night Town: The City of Modernism and Democracy 

Night Town is a city server with specifies on modern style buildings. The city focuses on recreating the modern urban sprawl experience with detailed shops and interiors. Furthermore, Night Town is well-known as the first server which allows full democracy in the Hong Kong community. These makes Night Town the most unique place in KCN.

Kwong City: Home of Railway and Designs

Owned by railtards people who love railways, this is where you can try the most realistic railway systems, see the best drawn train diagram, bus display boards and more. Not only urban development is seen but the details in transport system makes this an ideal place for transport enthusiasts to visit. Hop on a train, sit back and enjoy the ride.

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members. 

Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much 

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