Law Enforcement

Maintaining Law & Order

The Law Enforcement Department manages, writes and enforces laws all around KCN. Our staffs patrol the server, checks logs to spot rule breakers and protect players. We hope that a harmonious and safe gaming environment can be provided to KCN players by observing the rules.

You can also play a part by reading our rules below. Please note that only global rules apply all around KCN. Other law documents only apply in the corresponding servers/worlds. If you just plan to walk around as a visitor, read the General Rules in Global Rules page.


The department aims to protect the right of every players through regulations. The following items are the basics of our legal system:

  • Ignorantia juris non excusat (ignorance of law excuses no one): a person who is unaware of a law may not escape liability for violating that law merely because one was unaware of its content.

  • actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea (an act does not make a person guilty unless (their) mind is also guilty): the general test of guilt is one that requires proof of fault, culpability or blameworthiness both in thought and action.

  • Common Law, the body of law derived from judicial decisions, rather than from statutes or constitutions, is adapted

  • Unless otherwise stated, all rules should only be adapted in KCN.

  • Real-life punishment should never be involved.

  • Punishments should be avoided if the person does not intend to break the rules (both Actus reus and Mens rea must be met to be considered an offence). Newcomers who are not entirely familiar with our legal system may fortuitiously break rules. In this case verbal warning, mute or warning should be opted to act as a reminder while not driving newcomers away. Remember Hanlon's Razor, behavior that appears malicious might be from ignorance of our rules. We assume good faith that newcomers aren't here for malicious intent.

  • We respect the presumption of innocence. Our ultimate goal is to achieve justice instead of charging players.

  • The legal system is not designed for individuals to game the system, aka using our rules in bad faith.

  • KCN respects freedom of speech and freedom of press. The legal system does not intend to harm such freedom.


Law Enforcement Dept is committed to act as transparent as possible. Here are our promises to transparency:

  • All rules must be clearly displayed on our website. We do not charge players based on non-existing laws.

  • Addition of new rules must be promoted through our Facebook Page. We do not secretely enforce law.

  • All punishments should be visible by public. You can look at a list of punishments here.

  • Players may always appeal directly through messenger.


Only selected staffs can enforce law. We ensure that all our staffs are accountable of their actions.

  • You may always report to us if you suspect that someone is gaming the system for their personal gain.

  • We sometimes make mistakes. You can always appeal and we will deal with that promptly.


  • Only staffs with the [Admin] (dark red) tag may enforce law. This includes group admins in Facebook group and Messenger chat groups. A list of admins can be seen here.

  • Officers must exercise power on good faith.

  • Officers must be fair to everyone when exercising power.

  • Only a list of penalties, defined on General Rules, is accepted in most circumstances (unless defined by other global rules).

  • Officers must respect the presumption of innocence and avoid publicly shaming anyone involved.

  • Excessive power must not be used at any time. Punishments should never affect players in real world.

  • Officers should only charge a player when all criterias on the law document is met and the player intends to perform such action (Mens rea). If unsure, refer to previous cases or consult a supervisor.

  • Officers may remind rulebreakers first for the first time if that act isn't serious. Our goal is to maintain order and justice, not issuing penalties to players.

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