Global Rules

Managed by KCN Law Enforcement Department, maintaining law and order

There are several global rules in KCN, including General Rules and others. General Rules is the main global rule while for others it might not affect players much. Be sure to read the following to have a better understanding on our rules. The global rules are maintained and executed by the Law Enforcement Department of KCN.

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Here's a list of all our global rules. You may scroll down or click the link below:

Other than that, 3 legal documents are also effective. You may refer to them here:

General Rules

The KCN General Rules is the primary global rule that everyone must follow. The full version can be seen here.

The rules below serves as a summary and should not be considered as the actual version. All decisions are based on the actual full version.

  1. Be respectful. Do not insult, provoke or be over-aggressive towards others intentionally.

  2. Do not spread false information, sexism or racism related contents, personal information, inappopriate content and other harmful materials intentionally.

  3. Do not perform trolling acts intentionally.

  4. Do not use racial slurs or biological remarks towards others. Harrassing or threatening anyone is also not permitted.

  5. Please respect our community by not advertising. Do not advertise any servers or mention any server IP. This includes recruiting members. Reasonable mention of server will not be considered as an offence.

  6. Do not attempt to obtain a significant advantage by using client mods or hacks.

  7. Do not use bugs for personal gain or malicious intent.

  8. Always build your own buildings. You will be asked to remove content plagiarised from others.

  9. Do not impersonate as staffs or YouTubers. This includes attempting to speak with authority of staff.

  10. Swear words are permitted but should not be used in several situations. They should not be targeted to any organizations or indicviduals. They should not appear in in-game builds. You should stop using these words when a staffs requests to.

  11. Grief acts such as unauthorized destruction or modification of builds and properties is not allowed.

  12. Players are not allowed to copy or download server materials, including builds, files and plugins, without authorization.

  13. Not all players speak English as well as you do. Do not harass any individual due to lack of English ability.

  14. Do not spam with repeating phrases and commands. This will cause nuisance to others.

  15. Players should not beg, obstruct or be disrespectful to staffs. This includes being contemptuous towards staffs.

  16. Do not use alternate accounts to bypass punishments.

Mail Delivery Regulations

This regulation moderates how KCN deliver its products to players around the world.


Mass Event Act

Mass event act regulates the behavior of event participants.

Mass Event Act.pdf

Real Life Event Regulations

This regulation states how players should act during real life events held in actual locations.

Real Life Event Regulations.pdf

Safety Alert Act

The safety alert act regulates the usage and penalties of KCN safety alerts.


Player Rights Act

The act safeguards basic rights of every KCN player. 中文譯本

Player Rights Act.pdf

Discord Voice Chat Act


Media Guidelines

Media guidelines offer guidance to operation of news media in KCN as well as how KCN staffs should handle news agencies.
This document does not have legal effect. Violation of this guideline does not result in any consequences.

KCN Media Guidelines.pdf