Welcome to the amazing community of KreemaCraft Network. Together we can all build friendship, share ideas and create a better gaming experience. Join our diverse community with all sorts of people and experience what friendship means.

Integrating into our community is simple but requires basic etiquettes. It's ok to make mistakes, but you is still expected to be respectful and polite.

If you want to go far, go together.

This page serves as a guide only. Failing to follow advice here will not result in penalty.

General Etiquettes

Be respectful

“What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others”. Treat everyone with politeness, avoid insults or bad words (unless you're close friends with them). Be courteous in game or in chat and use common sense.

Mind your tone

Be aware not to sound rude or arrogant in chat. This is especially true when giving suggestions to avoid sounding like you're giving instructions.

Assume good faith

If you're new to the community, avoid criticizing or giving negative comments on others. Assume that everyone is friendly and build trust. Avoid being affected by others' comment unless you're really sure about what happened. This does not mean that you can give out personal information to every stranger, but assuming that everyone is nice helps you build bonds within the network.

Be open to jokes

It is extremely common for people to make fun of others in the community. This does not necessarily mean that you're unfriendly or hated. By being acceptive to jokes, you can build better friendships with people around you. Note that you can always ask for others to stop if the joke involves personal information or makes you feel uncomfortable.

Be open to ideas

It's ok to have your own ideas and share it around. Apart from being able to think critically, we also expect community members to be acceptive to other opinions. Never insist on your own. It's very hard to communicate if you are unwilling to change.

Avoid commenting on unfamiliar issues

It is perfectly normal for newcomers to be unfamiliar to our network. Unless you have a throughout understanding of the servers or the builders, avoid commenting on server operation or player builds. Always remember that it is way harder to build one thing but it just takes seconds to destroy it. You certainly would not want to receive unconstructive comment from someone who doesn't even contribute. This sound annoying and should be avoided.

Avoid personal attacks

If someone made a mistake, just speak out. We understand that repeated mistakes are unbearable, but making personal attacks would not solve the issue. Such action would only create tension among the community and harm friendship. You should direct issues to staffs if you've spotted a rulebreaker.

Be mature

We see mature players as those who can clearly express their thoughts, accept and argue on ideas. Excessive use of simple expressions (eg. NO😡😡😡😡😡, then?, so? etc.) or over-insist on your invalid idea are actions that will appear childish and is generally unwelcomed. Being mean to others on suggestions (eg. then what?) is also common for immature players.

Do not backseat moderate

Some players who do not actually hold the position of moderator or admin somehow feels some twisted sense of duty which they feel they must fulfilled. These players seem to believe that the moderator is a retarded monkey that needs to be led around by the hand and told which user needs to be penalized. The action of speaking with the authority of staffs is against General Rules and should be avoided.

When building/in building-related discussion

DO NOT compare how much one has contributed, or criticize others under reason of not contributing enough

Contribution of KCN builders are purely voluntary, they are not obliged to build whatsoever. Building more or having more playtime does not mean that you're superior. People build based on various factors, some may build more while some may build less. Those who build less does not necessarily mean that they're less skilled or they'll not passionate. There are players who are really talented but don't build that often. Comparing what you've done with others will only show that you're not respectful, and may potentially draw talented builders away.

Do not make changes without consent or force others to make changes

We all view what a good build is differently, and we value such diversity. What you think is right may not be same as what others think. As part of this community, we all play an important part in maintaining such freedom and openness. We all don't want to be restricted while building. It is perfectly fine to give suggestions, as long as you respect what others think and not force others to accept yours. If you think the building violated related rules or guidelines, contact staffs instead.