Don't create or remain in echo chambers

It's fun to have like-minded people together when playing, but be aware not to close yourself only to those people. We value diversity, and multiple beliefs and opinions should be expected. You may discuss with others to refine your idea, but only closing yourself to those creates an echo chamber. In this case, beliefs are amplified or reinforced by communication and repetition inside a closed system and insulated from rebuttal. By visiting an "echo chamber", you can only seek out information that reinforces your existing views, increasing social and political polarization and extremism.

It is therefore crucial to remain open to all views, especially during a conflict or discussion. Do not close yourself to others. Instead, engage in conversations and try pursuading them. Being in echo chambers does not solve effect, it only worsens that by showing that you're unwilling to work out a solution (proven by Minecraft-related examples). Assume good faith and don't be in echo chambers.

Don't be a fanatic

KCN is a gamer organization. We do support discussion of political topics, but remember that this is just a game. Fanatics often show obsessive enthusiasm for their beliefs and little tolerance for contrary ideas or opinions. In KCN, we had fanatics who created numerous problems and conflicts across the network.

When expressing a view, don't be too certain and respect that others may possess a different view. Don't involve personal attacks in discussions, don't marginalize those who are against your beliefs. KCN is just a game server after all, not a platform for political debate.

Don't apply labels to others

Sometimes we start our argument by calling others "trouble-maker", "is childish", "is uncivil" etc. Such name calling is uncivil and may be treated as personal attack, so avoid that.

Don't target rulebreakers

KCN players are required to read the basic rules, but it is impossible to remember all of them. We try to cover as mush scenarios as possible through regulations, but this is what makes legal system confusing. Rules do not need to be ruthlessly enforced. New players may not know how our server works, and even experienced ones may not have heard of some.

It's really important not to come down like a ton of bricks on them—they don't deserve to be treated like they've just kidnapped the First Lady. Some users break rules while they are contributing in good faith, and penalties do not have to be applied. Remember that an act does not make a person guilty unless their mind is also guilty, so don't target people who broke rules like they've done something terribly wrong.

Don't remind others of past misdeeds

Unlike God, however, the digital cloud rarely wipes our slates clean, and the keepers of the cloud today are sometimes less forgiving than their all-powerful divine predecessor.

Everyone has some misdeed or mistake in the past. That's how people learn. If someone makes a mistake and corrects it, you should once again assume good faith. It does not matter how big the past mistake or the disruption was. What matters is how the player has learned from it and grown from it.

If the player is no longer violating any rules, don't keep reminding them of past misdeeds to malign their current actions. It is an accusation of bad faith, is a personal attack, and an example of incivility.

Don't help too much

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

It is perfectly fine to help newcomers when they're unfamiliar to our network, don't always help them when a mistake is made. Let them fix themselves, or ask for help. If someone solves the problem every time, they learn nothing.