Member Application

Feeling convinced? To enter our server and visit, you will have to apply for membership to be whitelisted (plus a whole list of benefits). All you need to do is to fill in the form, and when your application is approved you will immediately become a member.

What can I do after being a member?

  1. Join the server and visit every single spot of our cities, at anytime. Membership does not expire so with one membership, you get access to everywhere.

  2. Exclusive permission to join our chit-chat group (other than the common group) and chat with our developers directly.

  3. Participate in our activities (both in-game and real life) or examinations.

If you are a current builder or admin, membership is automatically granted and there is no need to apply again.

Before you apply:

Make sure you have checked these before your application:

  1. Read our General Rules. You only have to read the summary.

  2. You must be aged 13 or above under Terms of Use

If you received a membership code you may skip the above steps.

Get Started

If you experienced problems, scroll down for a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Can't see the form? Click me.

Frequently Asked Questions for Membership

Q: Is a Facebook account mandatory?
A: No, but if you do not own a Facebook account/do not wish to disclose Fb account details, you must include your Discord account info.

Q: Is it required to join K0, our group for members?
A: No. Your application result will also be sent through email, although it's highly recommended to join. You may choose to join our discord server instead.

Q: I've submitted my application, but I don't see any response.
A: Sometimes we forget to check our form for responses. In this case, simply message us. You may double-check if your application is accepted here.

Q: Why is my application rejected?
A: Usually the reason should be stated in the email or our private message. If it's due to insufficient score on general rules part, simply retake the application. If it's due to failing to pass background check or other reasons, message us and we'll get it sorted.

Q: Where exactly can I get my UUID?
A: If you use a cracked version of Minecraft, you won't have a UUID and your application will be rejected. For premium version, head to, type your Minecraft name in the search bar and copy the UUID with hyphen.

Q: I have other questions.
A: Message us

Q: I can't join the server.
A: Head to our FAQ.