Kwong City ExCo (廣城行政局)is an organization coordinating the development of Kwong City. It plays an important role in ensuring the order and progress of the City's urbanization. This organization also writes law and creates policies for all players, along with being in charge of all diplomatic missions and relations. The members of the ExCo are both elected and appointed, including the Owner, Consultants and the elected members.

Official & Appointed Members


President of Kwong City


Owner of KCN, Vice President of Kwong City


Vice Owner of KCN, Kwong City Consultant


Vice owner of KCN, Kwong City Consultant


Kwong City Consultant

Elected Members



Election Procedure

The election procedure is clearly stated on the Election Regulation. The 2 members are elected through an election in Kwong City. Their length of term is 1 year and can be re-elected once. The date of election is announced by pesident and has a 9-day nomination period. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Nominate yourself by submitting the nomination form. Refer to the regulation for details.

  2. The election committee announces a 14 day promotional period. Candidate may promote through at most 2 billboards design with 640*384px which is placed at stations or billbords. They may also promote through messanger groups ONCE per day.

  3. Election is held afterwards at a designated position. One person may only cast one vote. Only those who is a member of any Kwong City groups can vote.

  4. The election committee will count votes after voting ends. The 2 candidates with most votes will be elected.

LEARN MORE about the election procedure through election regulation.