To better bring players to different places, various transport options are offered in New Millennium City, including buses, trains and even air travel. These transport modes create a connected network allowing players to reach destinations at the fastest speed.

Road, ferry and rail transport are managed by Land Transport Authority and air travel is managed by Civil Aviation Authority.


General Rail Map Feb/2020

New Millennium City Rail Map

Urban trains

Rail transport is the most convenient transport mode in New Millennium City. It connects almost every single part of the city. Travelling on the rail network is very simple- simply tap on and tap off with your SmartRider. Different rail lines are operated by different operators but the same fare zone is applied. In most cases you only have to tap on and tap off once (Special fee may apply on express service).

To travel by train head to the correct platform with the correct destination and press "call train" button. This is mostly stated clearly but if you don't see any, look for button with gold block. Some lines may require you to select destination (Tsee Yu Line Orchard Station towards Capital South/Capital West) but for most lines simply wait for the train to arrive. Once train arrived, platform screen doors (Platform edge doors in UK) will open and you have a short period of time to board the train. Always let passengers alight first and try to sit away doorways. Sit back and alight at the correct stop while announcements notify you the next station.

Intercity train

Several intercity lines operate between the city's terminals (Central, Midland, Liverpool, Westbridge Junction, Esplanade, Southern Cross) and numerous destinations outside the city, including Benedict City, Evergreen, Sheffield, Tokkai etc. These trains share fare with urban rail but special fees may apply on Express services. Local or Rapid train do not require special fee while Express service tickets may be purchased on platform. Some rapid service includes First Class which also require special fee.

Smaller intercity stations may not include fare gates so be sure to tap in or tap off before boarding. If you forgot to tap in you won't be able to tap off at fare gates while you will be charged a fine if you forgot to tap off. You may refer to the map below for routes:

International Train

AHT Interlink operates international train service towards Night Town, Stardream City, Kwong City and Aurora. The symphony express operates in Esplanade and Midland stations in New Millennium City towards New Heng Tin in Night Town and New Ming Shek in Kwong City

Rail Service Status



International Transport