States of Night Town

Birthplace of Minecraft Democracy


Since 2019, Night Town is one of the First Real Democracy Server. Furthermore, it is also famous for it's bridges. Under rapid development, the build speed of Night Town is one of the fastest in HKMC.

Government Website

Citizens Application

Tourist's Place

Our History

Night Town was established on 6, June 2019, by our First President Samuel Yeung. The rapid development of Night Town caused many problems because of the lack the planning. Under the command of the president, the Night Town world was reset and downgraded to 1.12. With well planning and good building skills, Night Town goes back on track quickly.

All from Scratch

Our President: PurifyMilk

Since 2018, Muel has joined Project Nazca and started his journey in HKMC. He is a talented builder and is the organizer of Night Town. He is also a builder of a variety servers, and an editor of Gentury Post. His experience made him the president of Night Town and also the father of the country.

Our Cabinet

Prime Minister

Ken Wong

Chief Secretary

Bradley Tom

Secretary of Justice

Manfred Tso

Minister for Defense

Timothy Lam